SAIS final conference presentations available for download on the Innovation Africa Repository

SAIS Repository picThe SAIS final conference was held at The Hilton hotel from the 18-19 November 2015, consisting of a jam-packed programme lineup including speakers from southern Africa and Finland.

Our final newsletter will cover the conference in detail, so keep a lookout for that at the beginning of December.  In the meantime, the presentations are now available for download on the SAIS Innovation Africa Repository which can be accessed here

The presentations available for download are:

  • Keynote address by DR Itah Kandjii – Murangi which was presented by Dr Alfred van Kent
  • SAIS-journey at a glance by Mr Juha Miettinen
  • Partnering with SAIS – Partner Institution experiences by Dr Budzanani Tacheba
  • Women in Technology, FEMTECH- Replicable project perspective by Ms Tina James and the Femmies crew
  • Innovation Fund in action – case study HERD National Wool Campaign by Ms Kirsten Wiedow
  • Did it all go by the book or should some things have been done differently; A Monitorin, Evaluation and Learning perspective by Mr Peter Greenwood
  • Co-creation goes global, what is there for Africa – case Demola by Mr Ville Kairamo
  • What do African Innovation Indicators tell us by Professor Luke Mumba
  • Science park in action – case Muluana by Dr Flavia Dzimba
  • Innovation for Inclusive Development
  • Innovation state of affairs in Namibia by Dr Eino Mvula (Namibian workshop)
  • My innovation Story – Open Data Innovation exercises by Mr Lameck Amukongo
    (Namibian workshop)

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