Innovative Business Models for Better Impact

business models for better impactBusiness models are necessary to communicate effectively with investors. However, developing a business plan is not easy. Social entrepreneurs may get bogged down in details and excessive language. Their plans may leave potential investors bored, overwhelmed, and not interested in providing crucial financial support.

The Development Marketplace, in collaboration with the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI), developed this e-learning course for social entrepreneurs and NGOs to learn how to develop and implement inclusive and successful business models.

Four facilitated modules will guide entrepreneurs step-by-step through the process of developing a business model:

• Defining the mission and target audiences
• Describing the value proposition and competitive advantage
• Using monitoring and evaluation to manage results
• Illustrating the economics of the business
• Planning marketing, sales, and distribution
• Considering the overall business structure

The course will also discuss the importance of adaptive leadership for the success and sustainability of the innovation—how to identify adaptive versus technical challenges and mobilize stakeholders to implement systematic and transformative changes when needed.

Materials and assignments will be accessible throughout the course, giving participants the flexibility to customize their learning. A collaborative space will allow participants to exchange ideas, ask questions, and share solutions.

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