The Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015 focuses on the future of learning

Ericsson innovation awardsYou’ve spent the last few years developing ideas, putting theories to the test and exploring challenges as a pathway to your future career in the Networked Society. Ready for the biggest test yet?

Enter the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015 today and show the world what it could learn from you. The focus this year is on the future of learning. What will be the new learning tools and methodologies? How can we make learning accessible to all? What tools will we need when lifelong learning becomes necessary for everyone? What needs to happen when learning shifts out of the schoolhouse and goes online? Go ahead – challenge yourself.

The competition is open to students in 3rd level of schools, colleges and universities. This competition provides the student the opportunity to be a fundamental driver of change. The competition is global.

Key dates:

October 15-November 26: Phase 1 – team development of innovation idea and team registration.
November 26-December 3: Submission week, phase 1. Upload all work in submission tool.
November 26-January 5: Open voting and Ericsson evaluation.
January 12: Semi-finalists announcement.
January 12-February 20: Phase 2 – development of mock-up sketches, etc.
February 20-February 26: Submission week, phase 2. Upload all work in submission tool.
February 20-March 13: Evaluation period
March 16: Finalists announcement.
April 15: Award ceremony / final event

Read here for more information on the Ericsson Innovation Awards