Call for Application: Science Advice Workshop for African Scientists- February 2016

logoThe call for application to attend a science advice workshop for African Scientists on 26-27 February 2016 is now open.

The workshop will bring together 50 scientists (young and established researchers) and key stakeholders for a dialogue on models of science advice, and promising practices for working at the interface between science and policy, and will form a basis for a network of science advice stakeholders in Africa.

It is coordinated by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) on behalf of the International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA) which is a newly formed network operating under the aegis of the International Council of Science (ICSU).

This call is open to researchers residing and working on the African continent. Applications meeting the following criteria will be prioritized:

a. Have a science background (natural and applied sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering, health and medical sciences);

b. Be affiliated to institutions of higher learning, academies of science, government/ statutory/private research/advisory institutes;

c. Demonstrate the policy relevance of their area of research specialization or professional expertise.

The following documents should be submitted electronically (via email) to Kholani Mbhiza by 30 October 2015:

a. Brief biography (not more than 400 words);

b. Comprehensive CV (including list of publications);

c. Motivation letter (this should cover: current contributions to the science-policy interface, reasons to be considered to attend the workshop, and how the lessons learnt from the workshop would be disseminated and would benefit the applicant’s country)

d. Letter of reference supporting the application

For more information please see the attached document.

Call for Application- Science Advice Workshop for African Scientists