What’s the Distinction between Electrical Contractors and Electricians?

Most people only know about electricians and are not aware that there are also people who are called electrical contractors. When they hear electrical contractors, they automatically think that what is being referred to are electricians and vice versa. There’s a lot of confusion between these different titles and it’s important to know how to differentiate them.

Electrical contractors and electricians work in the same industry but perform different roles. Contractors are usually negotiators or firms that supply electrical services. They are the ones who hire electricians to perform the jobs. Electrical contractors usually handle projects that include any and all construction work related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

There are three major types of working contractors. An outside service supplier is a type of contractor that is in charge of high power transmissions with high profile distribution lines. An outside service supplier’s responsibilities are particularly concerned with building and the maintenance of infrastructure that are important to keep electricity coming out of the plant through few high-voltage lines and substations before distributing power out.

Inside electrical contractors offer electricity to some structures in a property’s boundary lines, including outside lighting or substations. Under present construction specification guidelines, inside electrical contractors can function as prime contractors in a lot of electrical and cabling jobs for residential, industrial, commercial spaces.

The third type of electrical contractors are those who work primarily on integrated building systems or VDV. This type is mainly concerned with low-voltage installations such as wireless networks, telecommunications, fibre optics, and various safety systems. IBS contractors are proficient at incorporating these system controllers to operate together for building performance and optimum energy efficiency.

Electricians on the other hand are individuals who are mainly doing the actual jobs. They translate plans into reality, setting up systems, installations, doing repairs and maintenance. Electricians can perform simple to complex tasks as an individual usually for residential and commercial properties. They’re who electrical contractors employ. So, when you’re building a house or commercial space, you’ll need to hire an electrical contractor. The electrical contractor, in turn, will look for the great electricians who will work on your project.

All in all, an electrical contractor is different from an electrician in that an electrician is a licensed individual and an electrical contractor is a business person or company which employs electricians. Electricians can work for an electrical contractor, or directly for people or businesses. Both hold licenses and insurances that show they are qualified to run their respective businesses.